The 4 Keys to Happiness

The 4 Keys to Happiness

divini rae happinessHappiness isn’t something you luck into. It’s not like you wake up one day, and boom! You’re as happy as a clam. (That’s a weird expression, come to think of it….)


You want the real honest truth? Happiness is choice – a choice you make every single moment of every single day of your life.
If you want to be happy – and not everyone does – you must actively commit to it. Approach your days with a feeling of gratitude – gratitude for the people you love, for the world that surrounds you, and for the chance at another day on this beautiful place we call Mother Earth.
Sure, we all have our blue days, but don’t let those get the best of you! You have the power to decide you will allow things to affect you. Will you let them bring you down and make you depressed? Or will you overcome them, grow mentally stronger and wiser, and come out of it choosing to feel better than ever before?
I know choosing happiness isn’t as easy as it sounds. We’re all programmed to think, expect, and prepare for the worst. From commercials on TV to the six o’clock news, we are conditioned to operate from a place of fear. Here are 4 keys you may choose to combat fear. Choosing these keys will lead you to happiness!
  • Key 1 – Remind yourself of the truth. You must re-condition yourself to choose love and light, so don’t be  afraid to give yourself a few reminders in the beginning. Put a post-it on your mirror, write a note on your hand, or just mentally remind yourself from time to time to choose positive thoughts over fear-based thoughts.
  • Key 2 – Gain perspective. When things don’t go your way, it’s important to have the right perspective on the situation. In the grand scheme of things – in life, in the world, etc. – how important is it? So you didn’t get that promotion; will it really impact your life that much? Will it hurt someone or something you care about? Will it impair your day-to-day abilities? Probably not. Let it flow and let it go!
  • Key 3 – Approach every day as a blessing. When you wake up in the morning, approach each new day as another chance – another 24 hours to make a difference in this world, to choose love, joy and peace. Putting yourself in this mental space can set you up for a great day!
  • Key 4 – Say thank you often. For everything, say thank you. When someone holds the door for you, when someone waves hello or even when someone simply sends you an email or note – always think thoughts of gratitude and say thank you. And remember, thank yous aren’t just reserved for people. Thank the world around you, too! It’s a pretty amazing place.


These are just the four starter keys, but after a few weeks of actively integrating them into your life, choosing to be thankful and making a conscious choice to be happy, you’ll be surprised at the difference it can make!

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