Hot New Workouts You’ll Love

Hot New Workouts You’ll Love

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When you’re hitting the gym regularly it’s easy to get tired of the same old workout each and every day.

Sometimes, if you want to keep motivated and committed, you need to change it up a little and try something new to keep yourself from getting bored and defeated.

Hot new workout trends are popping up every day, and they offer some pretty fun ways to get fit.

  • Trampoline Workouts – Remember when you’d jump around on the trampoline with friends as a little kid? Well now you can go back to those days and get a great workout too. Trampoline parks are opening all over the U.S., offering kids and adults alike a great place to have fun and be physically active. Most offer weekly workout classes that incorporate jumping, stretching, and body weight training.
  • Aerial Fitness – Aerial fitness, often called aerial yoga or aerial gymnastics, is a fitness trend that’s sweeping the nation. Participants use silk fabrics suspended from the ceiling to work arms, legs, abs – the whole body. It’s inspired by circus performers who do amazing tricks and moves while suspended mid-air.
  • Pound – Ever heard of that performance group “Stomp?” Well this is sort of like that. Participants are given weighted drum sticks and they drum, pound, and move to the beat of the music for nearly an hour. Most people burn anywhere from 600 to 900 calories in just one session.
  • Barre-3 – Combines ballet, yoga, and Pilates, and focuses on low impact exercises that help strengthen the body and lengthen the muscles. Most barre3 classes require little to no experience.
  • MoxieRide and SoulCycle – If you’re up to date on your celeb news then you’ve probably heard of MoxieRide and SoulCycle. It’s a unique form of high-intensity indoor cycling that’s all the rage with Charlize Theron, Katie Holmes, and Lady Gaga. The high intensity spin classes help these stars keep their bodies in top shape and ready for their next big film or concert. You burn 500-900 calories in just one 45-minute session, and you work just about every muscle in your body while doing it. While you cycle, you’ll be instructed to use 1, 2, 3, or 5-pound hand weights or bands. These allow you to not just burn calories but to tone muscle as well.

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