5 Bad Foods You Should Never Eat

5 Bad Foods You Should Never Eat

divini rae bad foodsHearing that donuts, fried food and cookies are bad for you – well, that’s not a surprise. But so-called “healthy” foods, like canned tomatoes, lunch meat and even fruit? That might be more of a shocker.

The truth is even the most unassuming of foods can be bad for your health. If you’re not careful to read the label and learn about what’s in your food, how it was grown and how it was processed, then you’re probably not eating as well as you should.

Are you looking to eat healthier and improve your overall wellness? Then make sure to avoid these bad foods in your diet:

  • Lunch meat – You might think that sliced turkey breast is a healthy lunch option, but the truth is lunch meats are highly processed. Most pre-packaged options come from animals raised on growth hormones, antibiotics and drugs, which infect the meat and pollute your body. They’re also preserved with sodium nitrite, a cancer-causing chemical that should be avoided at all costs.
  • Canned tomatoes – Tomatoes are produce, so they’ve got to be healthy, right? Unfortunately, in the case of canned ones, you couldn’t be further from the truth. Canned tomatoes – and canned veggies in general – are full of BPA, a harmful chemical that can hurt not only your health, but the health of future generations you produce. It leads to higher risks of certain cancers, neurological problems and even reproductive abnormalities.
  • Margarine and butter substitutes – Because of the low-fat craze, butter has been thrown to the wayside, and more and more people have turned to margarine and butter substitutes. Unfortunately, these are often even worse for you than the real thing! They’re full of trans fats, which can cause heart disease, cancer, hormone problems and more, and they contain free radicals, preservatives and tons of additives that make it simply terrible for your health.
  • Soy – Tons of people are cutting out red meat nowadays, in hopes of staving off heart disease and other potential health problems. Unfortunately, they’re supplementing that lack of protein with soy products, which are often even worse than meat itself. More than 90 percent of soybeans grown in the U.S. are genetically altered, and they almost always contain high levels of herbicides and pesticides. This can lead to hormonal problems and even infertility.
  • Non-organic fruit and vegetables – Just because they’re produce doesn’t make them good for you. In reality, non-organic fruits and veggies are full of pesticides and harmful chemicals that can hurt your body. Soft-skinned ones, like peaches, nectarines, cucumbers and spinach are particularly susceptible. Organic versions might cost a few cents more, but the health benefits are ALWAYS worth it.


Have you been fooled into thinking these bad foods were good for you? Think again! Not only do many of these items offer no nutritious value, they can even hurt your health, lead to disease or cause cancer. Take steps to eliminate them from your diet – and your family’s – and improve your health on the whole.

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