5 Best Places to Meet People to Date

5 Best Places to Meet People to Date

divini rae dateI’ve been married for some time now, and I want everyone to get a chance at the same love, companionship and happiness that I’ve been lucky enough to find with my husband.

So today, I want to talk about some great places for you singles to meet singles! If you’re still on the market, try one of these spots, and see if you meet anyone worth getting to know a little better. Who knows, it could just be your perfect match!

  1. Coffee & tea shops – Coffee shops offer a laid back, relaxed venue that’s perfect for meeting new  people without a lot of pressure. Talk to the person next to you about their order or the headline on the paper you’re reading. You could even invite them to sit at your table if the shop starts to get a little crowded.
  2. Hobby-related groups and organizations – If you’ve got a hobby or a passion, then join a group for it. That way, you’ll not only meet potential friends with the same interests – you’ll meet possible dates, too. If you like reading, join a book club. If you want to help people, look into volunteering for some charity organizations. If you’re into fitness, join a local cycling group or yoga class. These all give you a chance to meet great people who share your passion for fitness.
  3. Recreational sports – Recreational sports teams offer a great way to bond and meet new people. So join a local softball, basketball or soccer team, or if you’re not the athletic type, maybe bowling instead. The competitive atmosphere offers a fun, no-pressure environment, and it’s great for breaking the ice.
  4. Back to school – Tons of people meet their future spouses in college. But even if you’ve long finished your degree, there are still plenty of courses you can take – at any age. Most local colleges offer community classes, ones you can take without enrolling, paying tuition or seeking a degree. They have art classes, literature classes, cooking classes and more. These offer a great way to meet other people in your community, while learning something at the same time.
  5. Parties and get-togethers – One of the best ways to meet people is through mutual friends, so make it a point to go to all your friends’ parties, get-togethers and dinners. You won’t always meet another single every time you do, but when that time does come along, you’ll know you have lots in common – including friends to break the ice.

If you’re single and looking to get back on the dating scene, try a couple of these spots and let me know how it goes!


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