5 New Workouts to Try in 2015

5 New Workouts to Try in 2015

divini rae new workoutsIf your New Year’s resolution was to get fit in 2015, don’t sign up for a gym membership just yet. While treadmills and elliptical machines can help you get in shape, they get old fast, and you’ll soon find yourself bored, unmotivated and back to your couch potato ways.

This year, try something different! Instead of sticking to a boring cardio-and-weights workout routine, give a new activity a try. Who knows, you might find a great workout that’s actually FUN for you to do.

Here are a few fun new workouts to try out in 2015:

1. Surf fitness – Want to learn to surf but don’t live near an ocean? Try a surf fitness class. These utilize real-life surfboards positioned atop balance balls. Just jump on, twist, turn and glide like you’re on the waves of the Pacific. It offers a challenging, full-body workout, pushing your abs to their limits. 

2. Water Zumba and Water Cycling – Like Zumba dancing or spinning on a stationary bike? Why not try them underwater? Aqua Zumba and Aqua Spinning take these traditional workouts and kick them up a notch. The water helps to add resistance, making for an even more challenging, all-over workout that tones, tightens and strengthens. Best of all? They’re low-impact, so virtually anyone can do them.

3. Trampolining – Also called tramping, these are high-energy classes performed on top of small trampolines. To give you a better picture, think jumping aerobics. You dance and move to music, all while bouncing up and down on your own personal trampoline. It’s not only fun, it’s also a killer cardio workout.

4. Stroller workouts – Just because you’re a new mom doesn’t mean you can’t still get your sweat on. Stroller workouts are becoming huge on the fitness scene, and they burn just as many calories as bike riding and lawn mowing. The great part? They let you bond with your baby while you’re working out.

5. Krav maga – This ancient form of hand-to-hand combat delivers a seriously intense workout. You’ll kick, block, punch and jump, and you’ll sweat like you never knew you could. By the end of just one session, you’ll have burned hundreds of calories – and you’ll know some great self-defense moves.

Looking to get fit this year? Forget boring gym workouts. Try one of these fun new workouts! 

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