7 Easy Things to Improve Your Health

7 Easy Things to Improve Your Health

divini rae healthA healthy, fit body doesn’t happen in a day. It can take months to undo the damage of unhealthy decisions made in the past and really get your body on track to good health.

But don’t let that discourage you. Even though you can’t expect a 360-turn-around right away, there are plenty of things you can do to improve your health – right now.

Want to get back on the right track to health and wellness? Then start by working these 7 healthy habits into your daily life:

1. Take a vitamin. Nobody should rely on supplements alone to get their vitamins and minerals – those should come from the foods you eat. But a daily multivitamin can be a great way to fill in any gaps you might have and ensure you’re getting enough of what your body needs to get by. Check with your nutritionist before beginning to ensure you’re taking a high quality vitamin that gives you the vitamin D you need.

2. Meditate. Meditation has been used for centuries and there are plenty of reasons why. It can immensely reduce stress levels, it can help you sleep better, and it can even lower your blood pressure. Studies show that meditation can also boost your immune system, another crucial component of good health.

3. Wear sunscreen. Even on days when it’s not particularly sunny, if you’re spending time outdoors, you’re exposing your skin to harmful UV rays. A good sunscreen is imperative, not only to protecting you from painful sunburns but also to preventing the most common type of cancer in the world: skin cancer.

4. Work on your digestive system. In order to get the most nutrients possible out of the healthy food you consume you need to have a healthy digestive system – and that can be more difficult to achieve than you might think. To improve your digestion start by taking a probiotic daily, and eat a diet high in fiber. You should also also aim to have at least one dark, leafy green vegetable with every meal. These regulate digestion and keep your gut healthy and strong.

5. Drink green tea. Green tea has tons of health benefits. From increasing your metabolism and lowering your blood pressure to boosting your immune system and even acting as an anti-inflammatory, green tea can significantly help your health in the long run.

6. Get plenty of sleep. Sleep is crucial to cognitive function, and if you’re working out often, it also plays a key role in your body’s ability to build up muscle and flush out toxins. If you want to see the most benefits from your diet and workout regimen, then a good 7-8 hours of sleep nightly is vital.

7. Laugh. Sometimes laughter really is the best medicine. In fact, laughter can relieve stress, boost your immune system and protect your cardiovascular health, too. It also triggers the release of endorphins, which make you feel happy.

By working these healthy habits into your daily life you can prime yourself – and your body – for optimal health. So don’t wait any longer, start working on your health today.

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