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Divini Rae – Bio

divini rae   Divini Rae Sorenson grew up in Tanana, a remote village near Fairbanks, Alaska, to parents of Swedish/English/Cherokee Indian origin.   “The only way to reach the village where I was born and raised is by plane in the winter or by boat in the summer,” Divini says. Despite the long winters, Divini grew up with a disposition as sunny as the meaning of her name. “My Mother told me that the first thing she thought of when I was born was that I was like a divine ray of sunshine, and that’s why she decided to name me Divini Rae.”   Growing up in a log cabin without running water or electricity, Divini was an avid reader. “I was called a nerd; I actually loved homework,” Divini laughs.   Divini graduated from high school one year early, with honors. She then studied psychology and journalism at an Oregon college on academic scholarship before a vacation in Sydney, Australia during her junior year at school led to a permanent change of continents.   divini rae   After being discovered on Bondi Beach in Sydney by a female photographer, Divini began a successful career in lingerie, swimwear and commercial modeling. She worked as a makeup artist when she wasn’t in front of the camera herself.   divini rae   divini rae   Divini also dabbled in acting while living ‘down under,’ guest starring on the popular television drama Above the Law, soap opera Home and Away, and hosted a show on which she interviewed sports celebrities.   divini rae   “I never had any ambition to be an actress – or a model for that matter – but I had a great time working on some excellent shows and shooting some great campaigns.”   divini rae   Divini is known in Australia for being one of the top models chosen to grace the cover of Inside Sport Magazine, Australia’s version of the American Sports Illustrated Magazine. She also became recognized for launching her own monthly magazine, SWAY (Sydney Will Amaze You), documenting the city’s abundant restaurants, scenic attractions, celebrities, and nightlife.   Divini then lived between Sydney and New York City for five years, working as a makeup artist and doing modeling and voice-over work, before moving to Los Angeles, California.   divini rae   While living in Santa Monica, California, Playboy Magazine came calling and Divini was published as the Miss November 2003 Playboy Playmate of the Month.   divini rae   Divini shares about her experience with Playboy Enterprises: “Playboy sent me around the world to do press tours [Malaysia, Thailand, Turkey, Japan, Russia, Germany, England, Mexico, South Korea, Spain], and they were wonderful experiences. It was excellent training on how to conduct myself with the press and maintain energy and poise in front of thousands of people at public appearances. The life experiences and lessons were invaluable.”   divini rae   “My 20’s were a time of exploration and self-discovery, and coming from a very conservative, religious family where I grew up very sheltered, I was definitely a bit rebellious. I don’t regret any of the choices I made in my youth because they helped me learn and grow, but now that I’m in my 30s I’m in a place of peace and centeredness – and I’d like to think I’m now slightly wiser as well. I’ve long since moved on from the modeling industry. My goal is to be an excellent role model for my children, as they are everything to me. I love the quote: ‘The life you live is the lesson you teach.’ Knowing that my purpose in life is to inspire, motivate and liberate others to live a happy, healthy life puts a smile on my face every single day. Life is good!“

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divini rae

Divini is a motivational speaker and a health and wellness advocate.Visit her blog for daily health tips! Also, be sure to tune into The Discovery Channel on Sunday evenings to see Divini featured in some upcoming episodes of YUKON MEN.