Angelina Jolie’s Beauty Secrets

Angelina Jolie’s Beauty Secrets

divini rae beauty secretsAngelina Jolie is strong, talented and beautiful, so it’s no wonder that so many of us women want to know her beauty secrets.

With a half dozen children, a handful of nannies, a husband, movies to act in and produce, a great deal of charity work — nevermind everything else she has going on — Angelina deals with an incredible amount of stress on a daily basis. We all know stress shows up on the face in dark circles under the eyes, lackluster skin, acne, etc., and Angie is no stranger to these frustrating skin issues.

So how does she pull it together when it’s time to be seen in public? I’m going to share with you a few of her top beauty secrets.

  • She doesn’t just focus on the face – Makeup isn’t just for the face. If you’re wearing an outfit that shows off your shoulders, collar bones or legs, try what Angie does, and use highlighting and bronzing products to make these areas lightly bronzed and shine, too. It will help give your skin a more natural, pulled together look.
  • She uses concealer around her lips – Angelina’s full lips are one of her most swooned over features. How does she highlight them? First, she applies a concealer around the lips to dull the pigmentation and shadows in the area. Then, she uses a fleshy, nude gloss that makes the lips appear fuller.
  • She gives her skin the movie star treatment – In order to have the best palette possible, as well as minimize the effects of stress and aging, Angelina takes excellent care of her skin. She receives regular “Clear and Brilliant” laser treatments (which help to minimize her pores and clear her skin of sun damage), uses the Obagi Nu-Derm skincare line, and always wears an SPF of at least 35 on her face. She also drinks a lot of water and uses deeply hydrating moisturizers.
  • She always strikes a balance – If she opts for a bold, smokey eye, she will choose a muted lip and blush. If she goes light and natural on the eyes, she will choose a more vivid lip color. Following this same makeup rule will help you avoid that “too much makeup” look, and it will make your features pop in photos. When in doubt, remember that “less is more.” Layers and layers of makeup will make you look older than you really are. I should know — I’ve made that mistake myself!
There you have it! Some of Angelina’s best kept beauty secrets. Check back soon for a post listing the top beauty products used by the stars (including more from Angie). As a product junkie and former makeup artist — I’ve always liked staying current about the very best products available. (And guess what: many of them can be found at places like Target and Walgreens!)

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