The Best Foods for Staying Hydrated

The Best Foods for Staying Hydrated

divini rae hydratedWe’ve talked about how important hydration is (just check out this blog post). But what we haven’t talked about yet is how to actually keep your body hydrated.

Sure, you can lug a huge water bottle around, and chug away all day long. That’s definitely an effective route and one I’m fond of. 🙂 But did you know there are actually foods that can help with hydration, too? It’s true. There are a  number of healthy meal and snack choices that can hydrate your body and taste great at the same time.

Want to make sure you’re staying hydrated? Then work these foods into your weekly menu plan:

  1. Cucumber – The ultimate hydration food, cucumbers are loaded with water. In fact, they have the highest water content of any food in the world (96 percent)! Plus, they’re great as a snack (just dip in some nut butter or hummus), you can throw them on a salad or you can work them into your meals and dinners.
  2. Celery – Celery is a great food for hydration – and for dieting. Not only is it 95 percent water, it also only comes with a mere 6 calories per stalk. Best of all, it’s full of fiber, so it will fill you up and curb your cravings in no time.
  3. Tomatoes – With a 94-percent water content, tomatoes are a great choice for staying hydrated. You can use them easily in salads and sauces, or you can even eat grape and cherry tomatoes as a quick snack on the go. They’re also great in salsa and pico de gallo — if you want a spicy kick.
  4. Watermelon – It’s the perfect season for this bright, refreshing treat. Made up of 91 percent water, this fruit will keep you hydrated, as well as healthy. They’re packed full of powerful antioxidants and vitamins.
  5. Spinach – While iceberg lettuce actually has a higher water content, spinach is actually the better choice when it comes to greens. Not only will it hydrate you, it also comes with an unparalleled number of benefits. It’s loaded with potassium, fiber, folate, lutein and Vitamin E – all hugely important nutrients for your overall health.

Do you want a way to stay hydrated, without guzzling gallons of water or running to the bathroom every 5 minutes? Then try working these healthy, water-packed foods into your menu. Have more to add to the list? Share them in the comments!

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