The Best Workout Regimen

The Best Workout Regimen

divini rae best workoutIf you hit the gym on a regular basis you’ve probably fallen into some sort of routine. You run on the same treadmill, you use the same weight machines, or you take the same classes on a daily or weekly basis.

And while sure, you’re working out (and that’s a definite step in the right direction), you’re actually making a crucial mistake. Performing the same workout regimen can actually stall your results and make your gym visits less effective because you’ll plateau.

The truth is, if you want to see the biggest results from your workouts, you need to focus on varying them: using different weights and machines, switching up the classes you take, and alternating cardio regimens as often as possible.

Variety is absolutely the key to a great, effective workout, and here’s why:

  • It keeps your muscles guessing – If you do the same exercises over and over again, your muscles begin to adjust, and those exercises become easy, ineffective, and no longer challenging. Those same machines or workout routines are going to have more effect on your body – the calories you burn, the muscle you gain and the weight you lose – on day 10 than they will on day 40. If you want to constantly see results (and avoid the dreaded plateau), you need to keep your muscles guessing. Switch up weight routines and machines often, and try a new cardio regimen weekly. This will ensure your muscles are always working hard and that you’re getting the most impact out of your gym visits as possible.


  • It keeps you interested – When you’re doing a different workout or exercise every day, it’s much harder to fall into that all-too-common “I hate the gym” rut. You’re bored, you’ve plateaued on your weight loss, and you’re just not into it anymore. That’s why variety is crucial when you hit the gym. When you focus on varying your workouts, you’re constantly being kept on your toes, doing new things and trying new exercises. It makes going to the gym interesting rather than monotonous. And that’s crucial if you want to stay motivated.


  • It reduces stress on the body – Performing the same exercises time and time again can put immense stress on the muscles, joints and bones. Over time, this can lead to injury, and ultimately, it will keep you from hitting the gym altogether. Variety helps ensure you’re using all your muscles and body parts evenly, so that no one area gets overused, exhausted or injured as a result.

Do you work out often? Then make sure you’re getting the most results possible by varying your exercise regimen as often as possible. In addition to varying your actual workouts, be sure to switch up the intensity, frequency and duration of each exercise you do, too. This will help you have the most successful on your fitness journey in the long run.

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