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divini rae alaska

Myths About Growing Up in Alaska


I am proud to be an Alaskan. I was born and raised in one of the most beautiful parts of the world and I wouldn’t trade that for anything. In my many travels since leaving my native state I’ve encountered several misconceptions about Alaska. Here are the...

divini rae bad foods

5 Bad Foods You Should Never Eat


Hearing that donuts, fried food and cookies are bad for you – well, that’s not a surprise. But so-called “healthy” foods, like canned tomatoes, lunch meat and even fruit? That might be more of a shocker. The truth is even the most unassuming of foods can be bad...

divini rae speak

Speak Your Truth


What if - even with whatever fear or resistance we each have—we were able to fully, passionately and honestly express ourselves? What I have discovered to be true is that when I am willing to passionately, vulnerably and boldly speak up and express myself, I tap...

divini rae gratitude

Gratitude is the Attitude!

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How can you grow into a happier, healthier human being by incorporating an attitude of gratitude into your daily life? Choosing this attitude enables you to acknowledge the positive aspects of your life - whether it's friends, material goods, or opportunities - and to view something...

divini rae paleo recipe greek chicken

Paleo Recipe of the Week: Greek Chicken


When trying to eat healthier, too many people fall into the old “grilled chicken and vegetables” rut. They simply throw a chicken breast on the Foreman grill, whip up some boring broccoli and call it a dinner. And while that’s certainly a healthy meal, it’s...