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Healthy Mind Peaceful Soul

Be Happy, Healthy, Fit!


Getting healthy isn’t just about losing excess body fat or eating healthy food. It’s about changing the way you think – removing bad habits, encouraging good ones, and choosing positive thoughts to replace the negative thoughts. That sounds easier said than done, though… right? Sure, it’s going...

divini rae paleo recipe fish tacos

Real Food Recipe: Fish Tacos


We recently talked about just how great fish is for your body and your overall health. Today, I want to share with you a great recipe that helps you incorporate that fish in an easy, fun, and delicious way.Here’s what you’ll need for the “tortillas”: 8 eggs 4 tsp. coconut oil 1 cup,...

divini rae cannelloni paleo recipe

Real Food Recipe: Eggplant Cannelloni


Do you ever find yourself missing a pasta now that you’ve gone RFL? ME TOO!Thankfully, I’ve found this killer recipe for a faux-pasta, made with only veggies and RFL-friendly ingredients. To make it even better, it’s super easy to make, too!Here’s what you need for this Paleo... - Blog - Drink Water or Die

Drink Water or Die

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We all know that eating whole, healthy foods is vital to our health, but we often overlook another, even more critical component of our wellbeing: hydration. Water is absolutely crucial for the body, and I intend to drive this point home over and over again. In the grand...