Can You do the Real Food Lifestyle with Kids?

Can You do the Real Food Lifestyle with Kids?

divini rae paleo kidsStarting the Real Food Lifestyle with kids and a family might seem daunting at first, but don’t stress. Be patient and positive, take it day by day, and your kids will start to accept this new, healthy lifestyle.

While most little ones aren’t going to be super excited to cut out the fast food meals or their nightly bowl of ice cream, with consistency, determination, and healthy food substitutions, the whole family will be RFL before you know it.

  • Ain’t no thang – Don’t make a big deal out of going RFL. The more you make it seem like a big life change the more your kids will be wary of it. When you start incorporating real, natural, nutritious, organic whole foods into your meals don’t call attention to it right away and they may not even notice. If they do notice, just stay positive and kindly explain that it’s your job to make sure they are healthy, and that you’re excited about choosing some new, delicious, real foods.
  • Find and make substitute foods – Kids get really attached to their favorite foods. Maybe it’s chicken nuggets, fruit juice boxes or pudding cups. Instead of cutting out their favorite foods and dealing with tantrums, look for healthy, nutritious substitutes that can take their place. Make homemade chicken nuggets that are baked and coated with coconut flour instead of wheat flour. Instead of fruit boxes full of sugar from the store, make them healthy fruit smoothies. Get creative and find ways to make your family’s faves with real, unprocessed, whole foods. It will make the transition much easier on them – and you.
  • One step at a time – While going all in may be the best option for you, it may not be the best way to get your kids on the Real Food lifestyle train. Take baby steps (pun intended) to gradually turn their diet into a more nutritious one. Cut out prepackaged and ready-made food fi rst, then cut out dairy and use coconut milk instead, then move on to eliminating grains, and go from there. Before you know it the whole family will be 100-percent RFL – and much happier and healthier. Remember, it’s about progress, not perfection.
  • Stay consistent – Once you’ve gotten your family to go RFL make sure there’s no room for mistakes. Clear out your pantry and fridge of tempting refined sweets and other unhealthy items. Prep your family’s meals and snacks in advance so there’s less temptation to get fast food when time is tight.
  • The Life You Live is the Lesson You Teach – Kids love to mimic their parents; it makes them feel grown up and special. So if you want your kids to be totally on board with a Real Food Lifestyle, you need to be totally on board first and foremost. Stick to your new eating plan, and show them just how fun, positive, and easy it can be.

My eldest daughter loves to help me in the kitchen. Because she’s included and a part of the food prep, she gets excited about cooking healthy, nutritious meals and snacks.

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