Choose a Love-based Life Instead of a Fear-based Life

Choose a Love-based Life Instead of a Fear-based Life

divini rae loveToo many people live in fear – fear of what will happen if they take a chance. Fear of stepping out of their comfort zone and trying something new. Fear of the future and what’s to come.

The truth is that comfort zone – that feeling of safety – it’s all just an illusion. You can stick with the status quo and pretend it’s what you really want in life or you can actually go out and do, experience, LIVE. You can change yourself and your life, and accomplish the things you want. All it takes is moving away from that foundation of fear.

So how do you start to do that? 

Once you’ve recognized that you’re living a fear-based life, the first step is start moving toward a more love-based one. One more grounded in empathy, compassion and joy. Whereas fear holds you back and delays your development, love propels you forward, inspires change and improves others’ lives around you, too. Here’s how you can start life more based in love today:

  • Start with yourself. You can’t love anyone or anything properly until you love yourself. Learn to love yourself – your soul, your mind, your body – and all the flaws and unique qualities that come with it. Appreciate yourself, and be kind. Don’t judge yourself harshly or demand too much of your body; treat it with care, respect it and love it.
  • Emanate love. Next, start to extend that love beyond yourself. That doesn’t mean you have to tell everyone you see “I love you” – at least not externally. But begin to treat everyone from a place of love. Don’t pass judgment on them or try to push your beliefs and needs on others. Support them when they need it, show them you care, and approach them from a place of compassion and empathy – not jealousy, hate or fear.
  • Focus on the good. Stop looking for the bad, and start focusing on all the good that surrounds you. Spend your time dwelling on the beauty of your life and the people in it, and shy away from judging, fearing or disliking things. These only bring down your energy to a low vibration and promote that fear-based life we want to avoid.
  • Stop thinking in black and white/right and wrong. When you start judging others or thinking one of you is wrong or right, you’re promoting separation between us all. We all have to live together in this world, and in order to do so peacefully, we have to be able to understand each other and work together. Start to shift your perception of difficult times, and recognize that differing opinions and choices are just indicative of our own free wills – how each of us is free to make the decisions that make us happiest. Then, learn to accept those decisions. They may not be your truths, but they’re someone else’s. So accept them, and love them for who they are.
  • Forgive. Forgiveness is the cornerstone of a love-based life. If you’re living a fear-based life, you would instead get angry or even cut that person out of your life for good. In a love-based life, you forgive them, allow them to grow from the experience, and you both move forward healthier and stronger.
  • Help others. Extend a helping hand whenever you can. Open doors for others, help someone carry their groceries into the house, or just give someone a call when you know they’ve had a bad day. This kind of effort is one of those “actions-speak-louder-than-words” moments. It shows others that you do, in fact, love and care for them. And the more you put that love and care out into the world, the more likely you’re going to get it back.

Are you living a fear-based life or a love-based life? I promise: a love-based one is much happier. Try to stay away from all those fear-based tactics we’re used to using, and start operating from a place of love and light. You’ll feel happier, healthier and more at peace for it!

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