Does Clothing Size Matter?

Does Clothing Size Matter?

clothing size divini raeWhen most people start eating healthy food and working out, they begin watching the scale – and their waistline – like a hawk.

“Have I lost a pound?”

“Have I gone down a dress size?”

“Can I fit into my skinny jeans?”

But while losing weight and going down a size are certainly nice, I have a secret for you: they don’t matter.

Why Isn’t Clothing Size Important?

First of all, your physical appearance is completely subjective. As long as you love yourself, you can be happy, confident and fulfilled no matter what the size of your jeans. It all comes from within.

Second, the goal of changing your eating habits and exercise regimen is more important than just fitting into your favorite dress; it’s about getting healthy, improving your physical abilities and, most importantly, lengthening your lifespan.

Making healthy changes in your daily habits can give you more time on this earth to spend with those you love. It can ward off diseases and deadly health conditions, and it can give you more time to achieve your dreams.

Third, the way clothing looks on you is more about fit and style than size. Get to know and appreciate your body type, and learn to choose clothing that is comfortable, flattering, and makes you feel confident and beautiful – no matter what size it is.

Finally, clothing sizes differ greatly. A size 10 in one store could easily be a size 8 or a size 12 in another. It really depends on who the store caters to, where the clothing is manufactured, and the brand of the clothing.

Going by your clothing size is not only a bad idea, it’s unreliable measure of your success.

Measuring Your Success … More Successfully

Rather than looking to the scale or clothing racks for hints that you’re on the right track, instead evaluate how you feel.

Are you more energetic and alert? Are you able to go further or climb more stairs without getting winded? Are you sleeping better?

These are all better measures of success than clothing size. They point to a healthier body, mind and soul, and they’re what make you feel beautiful, confident and happy with yourself.

So remember: stop looking at tags and start looking within. YOU are the measure of your success.


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