Creative & Inexpensive Holiday Gifts for Kids

Creative & Inexpensive Holiday Gifts for Kids

divini rae holiday giftsDoesn’t it seem like every year kids’ Christmas wishlists get more expensive? When I was growing up my parents would make me the most amazing handmade gifts, and I still treasure them to this day. 

Here are some creative and inexpensive holiday gifts that your little one is sure to love:

  • Make a fort kit – What child doesn’t love building a fort? Play into this and make your child their very own fort-building kit this Christmas. Just use a laundry sack and fill it to the brim with all sorts of things: fabric scraps of different colors, clothes pins to help make fort building even easier, old sheets, pieces of cardboard, duct tape, etc. You can also include some fun extras like a flashlight or glow sticks.
  • Let them color on the walls – Every kid has had the urge to do this once in a while, so why not help your child’s dreams come true this holiday season? 🙂 Buy a pack of multi-colored chalk, choose a wall you don’t mind them coloring on, and over the holiday break — let them have at it.
  • Build them a Lego box – Does your child love Legos? Then try your hand at this simple Lego travel box. All you need is a small box, some paint and a few basic Lego pieces, and your little builder can take his blocks wherever he goes.
  • Make an art box – If your little one loves to draw, paint and create, then help encourage this with their very own art box. Get a small bucket or box with a lid and fill it up with every artists’ must-have items: markers, crayons, paper, pens, fun scissors, glue, googly eyes, and just about anything you can think of.
  • Create a dress-up station – Just about every child in the world loves to play dress-up. They pretend to be doctors, princesses, firefighters…. Make this imaginative hobby easy for your children with a fully stocked dress-up station. Just get an old toy box and repaint it, then fill it up with fun hats, shirts, dresses, capes and anything else you can think of. To keep it extra cheap, hit up a local thrift store or raid the Halloween section for sales in early November.

Want to keep your kids happy without breaking the bank this holiday season? Then try these fun ideas. All they take is a little time and some creativity and you’ll have a great gift in no time!

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