How Diet & Nutrition Affect Your Fertility

How Diet & Nutrition Affect Your Fertility

divini rae fertilityWe all know that your diet can have a huge effect on your life – it plays a large role in your weight, your physical abilities and even your cognitive function. But did you also know that it impacts your fertility, too?

Well, it does.

Proper nutrition is crucial for your body to produce the hormones and eggs needed to conceive, and it also plays a large role in your ability to accept and carry a pregnancy as well.

If you’re having difficulty conceiving, poor nutrition just may be one of the culprits at work. Here’s why:

  • It affects your hormones – When you eat poorly, ingest foods high in estrogen or even eat produce that’s not organic, it can all throw your hormones out of balance. When this occurs, it can mess up your menstrual cycle, the viability of your eggs and your ability to create the lining necessary to carry a fertilized egg to term.
  • It increases your weight – Studies show that women who are underweight or overweight have a significantly harder time conceiving. In fact, if you’re overweight, losing just 5-10 percent of your body weight can improve your chances dramatically. On the flip side, if you’re underweight, a gain of just 10 pounds could turn your fertility around.
  • It increases your blood sugar – A poor diet – one that consists of high glycemic index carbs like white rice, bread, pasta and soda – often leads to high blood sugar and insulin resistance. These not only cause weight gain and potential heart problems, but they also lower your chances of conceiving, according to studies. Low GI carbs like beans, legumes, vegetables and fruits are the best ones for fertility.
  • It doesn’t protect you from free radicals – Free radicals, which you can come into contact with just about anywhere, can damage the ovaries, sperm and reproductive organs. Unfortunately, if you’re not getting the right nutrients, your body won’t have the tools it needs to fight these off, and they’ll adversely affect your fertility in the long run.
  • It exposes you to trans fats – In the average American diet, trans fats are the norm. These are linked directly to ovulatory infertility, and they can even stop you from ovulating altogether – even if it only makes up 2 percent of your diet a day. That’s just one order of fries or two tablespoons of margarine! Gross.


If you drink alcohol regularly this can also hurt your odds of baby making. It can throw off your cycles, making it harder to recognize ovulation, and it can affect your egg quality. It can affect sperm quality as well, so make sure to keep your man away from the booze while trying to conceive.

Consuming enough Omega-3 fatty acids is also crucial to not only the conception process, but also pregnancy in general. Try to work in fatty, oily fish like salmon or tuna into your diet once a week. If you’re not a fan of seafood, a fish oil supplement will do the trick.

And, of course, don’t forget to take your vitamin! A high-quality prenatal vitamin is always best when trying to conceive. It fills in the gaps from your diet and ensures you get all the nutrients your body needs during this very important time.

I hope these tips help you on your journey, and good luck! Don’t forget to have fun in the process 😉

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