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”Nevera, ””

I don’t know many people that have such a broad knowledge of so many things or such an open mind and acceptance of other people and their beliefs. I truly believe the ability Divini has to help and inspire others comes from her deep celebration of individuality. She doesn’t just help you get to your goals; she helps you celebrate who you are and helps you be your very best self.

”Jorge, ””

Whether she’s being a mom, a friend or a health and fitness coach, she gives 1000% and you get the real deal. She’s honest and genuine and totally transparent. What you see is who she is: goofy, honest, giving, and dedicated. She has integrity. There are very few people that inspire me on so many different levels, and I would have to say, without a doubt, that Divini is one of those people.

”Amber, ””

Divini has been my life coach for years now! She encourages her friends, family, clients, and anyone she comes in contact with to follow their dreams without asking anything in return. Her generosity, support and love is awe-inspiring.

”Sylwia, ””

Divini is the least judgmental person I have ever known. She just loves people and accepts them as they are. She has helped me get motivated and feel confident enough to take the actions necessary to achieve my dreams!

”Courtney, ””

Divini’s advice is truly inspiring, intuitive, and on-point. I have had great success taking her suggestions into action!

”Sean, ””

I’m impressed with Divini’s passion for enriching the lives of others on a large scale! Not only will you experience a mindset shift because of the remarkable tools she will teach you, but her strategic tips on how to survive this crazy adventure called life will keep you healthier, happier, and feeling great!


With Divini Rae’s FREE new ebook and FREE video series, you’ll discover how to get motivated, stay positive and ultimately achieve anything you dream of doing!

An author, motivational speaker, health and fitness coach, business owner, and most importantly, a wife and mother, Divini is no stranger to hard work. After giving birth to her first child four years ago, she found herself out of shape, lethargic and depressed. She decided it was time for a big lifestyle change.

She became certified in nutrition, began a Paleo lifestyle and committed to regular exercise. Thanks to her dedication & perseverance, she was able to drop 75  pounds in just six months! Today, she’s choosing to be happy, healthy, hot, living the life of her dreams, and inspiring people just like YOU to choose the same! Whether you’re overweight, depressed, your energy levels are down or you just want to make a change in your life, Divini will help. With her guidance and EXPERT TIPS, you can reach any goal, achieve any dream and change your life – for the better.

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