Signs You’re Poisoning Your Body

Signs You’re Poisoning Your Body

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Food is our medicine. If we choose the right foods our bodies work at their optimum levels – our minds are quick, our muscles are strong, and we feel great.

If we choose the wrong foods, like processed junk, we are poisoning our bodies. How do we know? We get sick, we gain weight, we lack energy, and we have bodies overrun with infection and yeast – that’s how.

Food isn’t just about consuming calories that taste good. Food fuels our body, gives us energy, and keeps us going throughout the day. Food is meant to heal you and keep you healthy.

Are you poisoning your body? Here are some indications.

  • Ya ain’t regular. If you’re eating a diet that’s healthy and high in fiber you should be pooping at least once a day. If you consistently have the runs you’re probably eating food that doesn’t agree with your body. You need to see a naturopath.
  • Your sex drive is low. The healthier you are the stronger your libido is. If your sex drive is lacking it could mean your body’s not getting the vitamins and minerals it needs in the foods you consume.
  • You’re not sleeping well. Making unhealthy food choices don’t just affect us during the day, they also affect us at night. Eating toxic, processed food can cause insomnia, make you restless, and make it hard to get a good night’s sleep. If this sounds like you, consider choosing the Real Food Lifestyle and see how your sleep patterns change for the better.
  • You’re a grouchy bear. When your body gets the nutrients it needs it elevates your mood and improves your demeanor. When you eat unhealthily, however, your mood is adversely affected. You get grouchy, irritable and unfriendly, and you’re no fun to be around.
  • You don’t have any energy. When you start eating healthy, whole, real foods, the first thing you’ll notice is the increased energy. You might not even need that morning cup of coffee if you’re really doing it right. If you’ve been feeling a little lethargic, sluggish, or tired all the time, it could be indicative of a poor diet. Too much junk food, too few nutrients, too much sugar and not enough vegetables and protein can all cause energy levels to drop significantly.

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