Eating Healthy in the New Year: How to Kick-start Your Journey

Eating Healthy in the New Year: How to Kick-start Your Journey

divini rae eating healthyIt’s 2015 and you are ready to get fit! Remember, it’s not all about endless hours at the gym or never skipping a workout. What you eat is the real battle.

For this reason I want to help you start eating healthier. More specifically, I want to help you start eating REAL … real food, real ingredients, real meals that actually improve your body and your mind.

Want to kick-start your healthy eating journey? Here’s how to start:

1. Give it away or throw it out. First thing’s first: clean out your pantry and fridge completely. Remove the processed crap: anything boxed, bagged or canned (unless it’s organic vegetables), and clear out those bad-for-you sauces, dressing and condiments. Anything that doesn’t come from the earth (or from natural, whole ingredients from the earth), toss it in the trash. You want a clean slate for the new year, so don’t leave anything questionable behind. Processed “food” isn’t actually food at all.

2. Plan out a full month of menus. Thinking ahead is crucial when you’re starting a new eating plan. You don’t want to leave room for error, so start by planning out your daily meals for at least the first four weeks. Try not to get stuck in a rut (like eating the same salad each and every day), so change it up a bit. This will keep your body guessing, and it will ensure you don’t get tempted to go off track anytime soon. If you need some help, look to blogs like Nom Nom Paleo and PaleoOMG for inspiratoin. Just be sure to stick to whole, natural ingredients, and focus on fueling your body with plenty of greens, proteins and healthy fats.

3. Go on a shopping spree. Give yourself free reign of the produce aisle, or find a great health food store near you. Stock up on all the fruits and vegetables you enjoy. You need to have some go-to items when you’re having a craving, but you don’t want them to jeopardize your health goals. Some of my favorite healthy snacks? Apple slices and melted almond butter (it’s like a caramel apple), baked sweet potato fries, and roasted cashews.

4. Get organized. Take some time to organize your kitchen. Post a menu board on the wall so you know what meals to eat and when, and designate specific areas for veggies, fruits, and other items. This will make prepping your food super fast and easy – and this is key if you want to stay on track and motivated.

5. Set up a reward system. You need to establish some sort of reward system for yourself for sticking to your goals. If you stay on your healthy meal plan for a week, reward yourself with a massage. Once you’ve stuck with it a month, give yourself a bigger reward (maybe new sneakers). 

Getting healthy takes dedication and patience. Focus on giving your body the nutrients and vitamins it needs to function, and you’ll be on the right track in no time.

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