Eating Organic on a Budget

Eating Organic on a Budget

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Most of us know that eating organic is better for our health, but because the price of organic food and produce is much higher than the processed products on the market, many people are hesitant to buy organic on a regular basis.

I totally get it.

Money doesn’t grow on trees, and many people are struggling just to make ends meet.

That’s why I want to share some powerful tips on how YOU – no matter what your budget is – can eat organic. These tips can save you money and ensure you’re getting the healthiest, safest, most nutritious food for your body.

  • Plan your meals carefully. You want to use up each and every organic item you have (particularly the produce) so they don’t go bad and waste your hard-earned dollars. Sit down and make a food menu plan at the beginning of each week. Try to create meals that share some ingredients so you can buy one large supply of each organic fruit and veggie and use them all up by the end of the week.
  • Coupon clip. Look for circulars for your local health food store. They’ll offer weekly specials on certain produce items and other products in the store. Try to incorporate these into your menu plan, and bring the coupons in with you when grocery shopping.
  • Get on social media. Follow your favorite organic brands on social media. Many times they’ll offer special coupon codes or sales just for their followers.
  • Do it yourself. Instead of buying organic granola bars, veggie chips, and smoothies, make them yourself instead. Buying the individual ingredients separately will usually be more affordable, and making the smoothies and granola bars is something fun you can do with your kids.
  • Freeze your leftover produce. If you have leftover organic produce at the end of the week, freeze it until you’re ready to blend it in a smoothie. This is how I keep the fruit in my household from going to waste, and it saves me money in the long run.
  • Comparison shop. Don’t settle on the first store you find that has organic food. Shop around, compare prices online, and find the one that will offer you the most affordable prices.
  • Try the farmers market. Farmers markets usually offer organic produce at an affordable price because the produce is grown, produced, and delivered locally. This takes out all the costs of transportation, and the money goes straight to local farmers.

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