Fighting Temptation when Socializing

Fighting Temptation when Socializing

divini rae fighting temptationEating well when you’re by yourself or at home is one thing, but doing it while at a restaurant, bar or with friends? That’s a totally different story.

Trying to stay healthy while everyone else around you is drinking alcohol and eating pizza, burgers, fries, cheese, and sweets with reckless abandon is extremely difficult. Not only do you have to find the will power to steer clear of those unhealthy menu items, you usually have to deal with a bit of peer pressure, too. These two things combined can threaten even the most dedicated of health nuts into making unhealthy choices that hurt the body.

I’ve been there many times.  Fortunately, over time I’ve come up with a few solutions that make fighting temptation just a little bit easier. Next time you’re headed out for a night on the town, try one of these tips:

  • Eat before you go. This is the easiest solution. If you’re going to a restaurant where you know you’ll be tempted, simply eat a full meal before you go. Then, once the menus come, you don’t have to even look! Just order a water and a small side salad, and enjoy the rest of the night with your friends.
  • Know what you’re going to order – before you even set foot in the restaurant/bar. To prevent yourself from getting off track, prepare your order before you hit the road. Most restaurants and bars have their menus online, so do your research. Look for safe items on the menu, and if there aren’t any, start to think of ways you can customize existing dishes to fit your lifestyle. Once you get to the restaurant, talk to the waiter or manager about your customizations.
  • Ask for a friend to hold you accountable. When you’re in a big group, if you’re the only one not eating or drinking, you’re going to stand out a little. Often, when this happens, you’ll get the old “you can’t cheat just one time?” or “just a little bit won’t hurt you, will it?” And you’ll feel the pressure to break your healthy eating habits and fall back into your old ways – even just for a night. To prevent this, before you sit down, pull a close friend aside and talk to them privately. Ask if they can hold you accountable that night, making sure you stick to your plan and don’t fall victim to peer pressure. Once you tell them how important it is you stay the course on your health journey, you can bet they won’t mind one being your support system for the night.

Always remember, don’t just eat; fuel your body. “My food is my medicine. Healthy food means healthy mind and body.” Stick to this mantra when you’re out, use these helpful tips, and fighting temptation will be just a little bit easier.


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