Finding the Right Workout Shoe

Finding the Right Workout Shoe

divini rae workout shoeIf you want to get the most out of your workouts, then having the proper shoes is crucial. The right workout shoes can allow you to perform exercises correctly, comfortably, and for extended periods of time.The wrong ones can cause injury, discomfort, and pain, and they can cut your workout short in an instant.

Are you wearing the right workout shoes to your gym? If not, follow these tips and upgrade your footwear ASAP.

  • Keep your activity in mind. If you’re going to be running, you need a running shoe – one that will support you, cushion your heels on impact, and provide you long-term comfort. If you’re playing basketball, get a basketball shoe. These will offer the ankle support you need when running back and forth on the court. It might seem excessive to have numerous pairs of athletic shoes in your closet, but each one should serve a distinct purpose and help you be the best you possibly can be when you hit the gym.


  • Know your arch. Take a look at your feet, and evaluate your arch. If it’s fairly low, meaning your feet are more flat than arched, you’ll want a shoe with extra support along the outside of the heel and the inside of your foot. If you have a fairly high arch, you’ll need something that offers lots of cushioning – especially in the middle of the foot. If your arch looks middle-of-the-road, a combo shoe will work – one that offers both cushioning and support for the entire foot.


  • Shop at night. Did you know your feet are actually larger toward the end of the day? Well, they are, and that means if you shop for athletic shoes in the early morning, they might not fit you comfortably come 8 p.m. Make it a point to shop at night, so you can find footwear that fits all day long.


  • Bring your socks. Bring a pair of athletic socks with you when shopping. You want to make sure the new shoes you purchase have plenty of room for both your feet and a pair of socks, and you need to really evaluate how comfortable the shoes will be when you’re fully dressed for the gym.


  • Don’t be afraid of the price tag. Some athletic shoes will cost you a pretty penny, but try to remember how much use you’re going to get out of them. If you work out 3 times a week, that’s 156 workouts a year. If a shoe is $100, that’s less than $1 per workout. Pretty affordable if you ask me. Besides, you want to be comfortable and supported during those 156 workouts, and the right shoes can help you do it.

Once you find the right workout shoes, make it a point to only wear them when at the gym or doing a physical activity. Wearing them shopping or to a friend’s house is just going to wear them out sooner than they need to be, and you want to have those shoes as long as you can.

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