Fitness Trends in 2015

Fitness Trends in 2015

divini rae fitnessFitness trends are always changing. Ten years ago, dance aerobics were popular. Five years ago, Zumba  was on the rise.

In 2015, you can expect trends to change once again, and we’ll see a number of fitness styles rise and fall as the year goes on.

Want to be prepared for the trends to come? Here’s what you can expect when it comes to 2015 fitness trends:

1. Tech and trackers – We saw some of this in 2014, but expect to see it even more this year. Fitness gadgets like FitBit and FuelBand offer users a way to track calories, log workouts, and keep track of goals and milestones along the way. Most also sync with mobile apps that make these efforts even easier.

2. More HIIT – Thanks to the growing popularity of CrossFit and P90X, high-intensity interval training is still on the rise. It utilizes quick, intense bursts of activity, varying the exercise about every 30 seconds. Though it’s definitely a challenge, the nice part is your workout is done in only 20 minutes. And who doesn’t have 20 minutes to spare?

3. Body weight training – Body weight training is also coming back with a vengeance. The nice part about this is you don’t need any fancy equipment or gym memberships. All you need is YOU. Ituses your own physical resistance (and gravity) to help you build up muscles, strengthen your core, and tone your body all over. It’s not easy, but the efforts are noticeable almost immediately.

4. Recovery and self-care – As more intense workouts become popular, so do forms of recovery and care. These help amplify the results of harder workouts, and they prevent potential injuries from occurring. Expect things like self myofascial release, foam rolling, therapy balls, stretching and restorative yoga to become even more prevalent.

5. Online workouts – Along with tech and trackers, the online fitness space will also grow in 2015. Workout DVDs are on their way out, and online yoga classes, dance lessons and exercise instruction via YouTube and iTunes are expected to see a jump as the year goes on. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel if you haven’t already, as I will be posting a lot of great workouts!

Will you be trying any off these fitness trends in 2015? If so, share your experiences in the comments. I’d love to hear about how they’ve worked for you.

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