Getting the Most from Your Paleo Diet

divini rae paleo dietYesterday I shared with you the basics of starting a Paleo diet; we talked about the foods to focus on, the bad foods to cut out, and the overall aim of the program. Today, I want to take that one step further. I want to help you be successful on your journey and show you how to get the most from your new lifestyle and eating habits.

I’ll be honest with you – starting a Paleo diet is difficult. You have sugar cravings, you struggle in moments of weakness, and seeing other people eat things you can’t is pretty frustrating for a while. But let me tell you something: you CAN do this. Sure it will be a struggle for a few weeks (maybe even a few months), but if you set your mind to it, realize all the happiness and health it can bring you, and really commit, you can transition into this lifestyle with ease.

Here are some tips to help you see the most success from your new diet:

  1. Stock up. Fill your pantry and fridge with loads of healthy, nutritious foods: vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and, of course, don’t forget the meat! You want to have plenty of good choices on hand for when you get hungry, have a craving or are starting to feel the pull of temptation towards sugar. When you have a sugar craving, eat fruit!
  2. Avoid eating out as much as possible. Eating out is one of the hardest things to do on the Paleo diet, so for a while, it may be best to avoid it as much as you can until you get your bearings. When you do go out, stick to sauceless meats and fish, salads, and vegan-friendly choices if the restaurant offers any.
  3. Learn to read ingredients. If you want to be absolutely sure you’re sticking to the Paleo plan, it’s absolutely crucial you learn to read ingredient labels. You need to be able to recognize additives and preservatives, spot when there’s hidden sugar, and know when something is NOT okay for your current eating plan.
  4. Get support. Going it alone can be hard, so if you can get your spouse, significant other or best friends on board, too, your life will be much easier for it! If they’re not up for going totally Paleo, ask if they wouldn’t mind supporting you by doing so in your presence. Then, you don’t have to cook multiple meals at home or be forced to watch friends eat that delicious slice of pizza next time you go out.


I want you to be as successful on your Paleo journey as I have been, so you can feel great, look great and be healthy! Stay tuned for more helpful tips, tasty recipe ideas and other great posts in the coming weeks. And be sure to check out this book – it helped me a lot on my own Paleo quest!

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