How to Go Dairy-free

How to Go Dairy-free

divini rae dairy freeWhether you’re going Paleo or you just want to get healthy, going dairy-free is a great place to start. Our bodies aren’t meant to digest milk or dairy products past the age of three, so when we consume them too often, they can lead to heartburn, weight gain, lethargy, high cholesterol and even irritable bowel syndrome. What’s ‘too often’? Well, cut dairy from your diet and you tell me. If you stop suffering from unpleasant symptoms you may decide to eliminate dairy for good.
If you want to get healthy and fuel your body with the nutrients it really needs, then consider cutting out dairy as much as possible. Here’s how to do it:
  • Start with milk, and work your way down the list. Cutting out all dairy at once can be difficult to do, so just start with the big stuff: milk. Replace milk with a dairy-free alternative, like coconut, almond, rice or hemp milk. Once you’ve mastered that, move on to butter, cheese, cream, yogurt and other dairy products you regularly consume.
  • Be wary of ingredients. Don’t forget that dairy products are used in tons of other food products. Milk chocolate, cookies, cakes, sauces and lots of other items have dairy as a primary ingredient. Make sure you know what’s in your food before you eat it!
  • Look for substitutes. If you just can’t get rid of cheese, or you absolutely have to have your morning yogurt, look for dairy-free alternatives.
  • Get creative. Eliminating dairy is difficult, but that doesn’t mean your food has to be bland or boring because of it. Get creative, and find fun, new recipes that don’t use dairy. Basically any vegan cookbook will have some great options for you, or you can look at various online recipe blogs, like the Oh She Glows or Hell Yeah It’s Vegan.

It’s definitely hard at first, but if you stick to it, you’ll find yourself healthier, happier and maybe even a few pounds lighter! Be sure to check back tomorrow for another great post.

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