Great Workouts that Don’t Require the Gym

Great Workouts that Don’t Require the Gym

divini rae workoutsIn just a few days the gyms will get crowded with those who have made “get in shape” their NYE resolution.

The overcrowding is annoying and can make for a frustrating workout. You have to wait to use machines, you can’t find space in your favorite class, and it’s not as easy to get your regular exercise in.

That’s why you won’t ever find me in local gym in January.

Fortunately, workouts don’t have to happen in the gym. There are hundreds of activities you can do outside the gym walls – either at home, in your neighborhood, or at a local park.

Want to avoid the gym crowds this week? Try a few of these workouts:

  • Ride your bike – Get your bicycle out of the garage and take off! Find some hilly trails and give yourself a challenging workout in the great outdoors. 

  • Sign up for a 5K – If you live in a big metro area, there’s probably a 5K nearly every weekend. Avoid the gym crowds and sign up for one in the coming weeks. Even if you’re not a great runner, they’re fun, interactive, and usually for a great cause. (Plus, you can walk if you need to.)

  • Sporty Spice – Get your friends together and play a game of softball, kickball or soccer. You can even keep score if you’re feeling competitive. Can’t find enough people to join you? Go for a jog instead. 

  • Grab a DVD – Hit up your local store and find a DVD of your favorite workout class – maybe kickboxing, Zumba or yoga…? Just clear some space, pop it in the DVD player, and you can get your workout in any time of day.

  • Log on – Better yet, you can also head to YouTube or Vimeo, and check out one of the many online fitness channels. It’s easy and FREE. Don’t forget to head to my YouTube channel and try out some of my exercise videos. 

What are your favorite gym-less workouts? I need some new ideas. 🙂

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