Healthy Alternatives to Halloween Candy

Healthy Alternatives to Halloween Candy

divini rae halloweenIf you’re like me and most other parents, one of your main concerns in life is the health of your child. You want to make sure they’re getting all the vitamins and nutrients their little body needs to develop properly, and ensure they have the tools they need to lead a healthy life – even after they grow up, move out and are on their own.

No matter how health-conscious you are with your little one’s lunches, dinners and snacks, there’s a holiday right around the corner that can throw a kink in all that …


Halloween is nearly every child’s favorite holiday, but it’s easily the unhealthiest one, too. All those candies, cookies and Halloween treats – they’re packed full of dangerous refined sugar and unnatural chemical ingredients. (And remember how dangerous sugar is?)

If you’re like me, and you want your child to have a great time on Halloween without sacrificing their health or well-being, check out these alternatives to candy:

  • Fun jewelry – Stock up on beaded necklaces and bracelets (you can usually get them in bulk at a party store), and hand them out to the little girls that come to your door. You and your little ones can even make some jewelry together if you have the time.
  • Raisins – Nature’s sweet treat. Hand out mini boxes of raisins when your doorbell rings – just make sure you buy brands that don’t add extra sugar.
  • Stick-on tattoos – What child doesn’t love stick-on tattoos? Grab a cool assortment of Halloween-themed faux tats and give them to all the little pirates, witches and ghosts that visit your doorstep.
  • Tiny Toys – Small, inexpensive toys also make great alternatives to poisonous sugar. Things like yo-yos, kazoos, bouncy balls and even bubbles are popular options.
  • String cheese and sugarless gum – You can even make them Halloween themed by tying orange and black ribbon around each one.
  • Kind bars – Since these are shaped like candy bars you might just have the neighborhood fooled. 🙂 These babies are full of healthy seeds, nuts and fruits, and they’re sweetened with agave nectar – definitely not as horrible for you as refined sugar.

We don’t have to let Halloween hurt our children’s health this year. They will thank us for it later… I think. 🙂

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