Healthy vs. Skinny: Is There a Difference?

Healthy vs. Skinny: Is There a Difference?

divini rae skinnyToo many people think the terms “healthy” and “skinny” are interchangeable – that to be one, you have to be the other. The truth is the two are completely different. Skinny refers to your image – the way you look to yourself and to the world. Healthy, on the other hand, is more about your body and its state of well-being.

You can be skinny without being healthy (also known as “skinny-fat”), and you can be healthy without being skinny. Yes, I said it! You can be healthy without being skinny.

Not everyone’s bodies are designed the same way. Some of us are tall, some are short. Some have bigger bones, while others are slighter and smaller-framed. Some have more muscle while others are lean and long. Because we’re all so different it’s absolutely possible for a person to weigh significantly more than someone else, but still have a healthier, better cared for body than them.

In our society, skinny obviously seems to be the focus. But really, if you want to look great, feel great, and stave off diseases and potential health problems at the same time, then your body’s well-being should be a bigger concern. Here’s how to do it:

  • Know what healthy actually is. Healthy refers to the condition of your body, your mind and your spirit. It allows your body to work at optimal levels, and it keeps away ailments, infections and diseases. To be healthy, you need to focus on what you put in your body and how you treat it, not how your body looks or what it weighs.
  • Learn about your race, ethnicity and body composition. These all play into what a “healthy” weight should be for your body. Some races are naturally more curvy than others, and some are bigger boned and more muscular. By learning about your own heritage, you can determine the right standard of health for your unique body.
  • Stop counting those calories and throw out your scale. Instead, maintain a steady intake of nutritious foods, and avoid foods that make you feel bad or lethargic. Be sure to hydrate too, as this will fuel your body’s systems and help them operate at their best.
  • Focus on real food. Make it a point to consume real, natural foods on a regular basis. Fruits, vegetables, grass-fed meat – these are all food items that offer your body the nutrients and energy it needs. Stay away from processed and fast foods. These don’t have any nutritious value, and they’ll take away from your health goals in the long run.
  • Get moving. Physical exercise is crucial to maintaining a healthy weight and a healthy body in general. Even if you’re just walking around the block, that little effort can make a huge difference on your overall health and well-being.

If you’re focusing on being “skinny,” it’s time to switch gears. Instead, put your efforts into being HEALTHY and your weight, your body, and your well-being will follow suit.

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