The Hidden Benefits of Sesame Seeds

The Hidden Benefits of Sesame Seeds

divini rae sesame seedsSesame seeds are small, but adding them to your meals can have a huge impact – and not just on your taste buds.

In fact, sesame seeds are extremely beneficial to your health. They can help prevent disease, help you feel more full, and even keep your blood pressure low.

Sesame seeds are:

• Protein-packed – Sesame seeds are actually 20-percent protein, offering 4.7 grams for every ounce. This helps you feel even more full even longer.
• Anxiety reducers – Full of magnesium, calcium, and calming nutrients like thiamin and tryptophan, sesame seeds can actually help your body produce serotonin, lowering anxiety and improving sleep.
• Disease preventers – The oil in sesame seeds has been proven to help prevent diabetes, and its phytic acid, magnesium and phytosterols are thought to help prevent cancer.
• Health boosters – Stocked full of sesamol, sesame seeds can actually boost your heart health and prevent cardiac problems.
• Pain relievers – Sesame seeds are packed with copper, which can both prevent and relieve arthritis. It also helps strengthen joints, bones and blood vessels in the body.
• Digestion helpers – The high amounts of fiber found in sesame seeds can help your digestive system better break down foods and absorb minerals.

If you’re looking to improve your health, consider adding a handful of sesame seeds to your next meal. It won’t take the place of eating well and getting regular exercise, but it will certainly be a step in the right direction. (Hint: Try lightly toasting the seeds in the oven before incorporating them. This will add a little extra crunch.)

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