Divini Rae: How To Deal With A Negative Person (Part 2)

divini rae

1. Let go of all complaining.

If you complain about how much his or her negativity is affecting you this will only create more negativity. Energy is contagious and focusing on the negative energy of others won’t create any positivity.

Choose to take responsibility for your own thoughts and feelings and see what you can do to feel better, and what you can do to change the current situation by changing your attitude and the way you look at things.

divini rae

2. Raise your energetic vibration.

Focus on raising your energetic vibration to the highest, most positive level, and watch the negativity disappear. I practice this myself and it’s amazing. How I achieve this is by focusing on Love. I remind myself of the things I love about myself, my life, and the people nearest and dearest to me. And then I tell the people I love what it is I love about them. I give genuine compliments. I focus on loving what I have and being grateful for it.

divini rae

3. We are human angels. Be the change you wish to see.

“10% is what happens and 90% is how you react to what happens.”

Trust me when I tell you that this world is nothing more than a reflection of who we are deep down inside. There is darkness and there is light. I choose to be a light-seeker (thanks, Mel S., love that term). What this means to me is that I choose to feel good, and I do this by living my life in a positive, cheerful, loving and grateful way.

When I am happy, the whole world seems to be happy, when I am sad, sadness is all I see.

divini rae

You can’t change other people; you can only change yourself.

4. Choose Awareness.

Work on understanding the duality of life, the light and the dark. Learn to accept both the negative and the positive traits in people.

Why condemn their negativity? Why judge it or resist it? Allow it to be. Observe it, accept it, and release it.

divini rae

5. Let it flow and let it go.

Trust that those who are meant to stay in your life will stay and learn from you and you will learn from them. Those who are meant to leave will leave, either through the natural flow of like attracting like, or through a loving invitation from you.

Learn to go with the flow. Resist nothing. In yoga I learned that we can be like bamboo: strong and bend, sway and move – without breaking.

divini rae

Sometimes we need to remove ourselves from people that aren’t good for our souls, and it doesn’t need to be a negative and dramatic experience. If it’s a friend – or even family member – you can extricate yourself from them with love, kindness, and respect.

Remember, your world is nothing more than a reflection of who you are on the inside, and the same goes for others. If someone is consistently negative, angry, rude, unkind… they are showing you who they are. It’s okay to give them space while they deal with themselves, or to leave their energy space for good. It’s not your job to help/fix/rescue them. Nor is it your obligation to join them at their low vibration – it’s your choice. Love is the highest vibration that exists. Choose Love.

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