Hungover? Fix Your Hangover with these Natural Cures

divini rae hangover

Hungover? Fix Your Hangover with these Natural Cures

divini rae hangover natural curesWe’ve all been there: you have a little too much fun the night before, a few too many glasses of wine or champagne, and now you feel HORRIBLE. Your head is pounding, you’re nauseous, and you just don’t want to get out of bed.

While most people tend to prescribe the “greasy food” method, if you’re attempting to eat healthier, or you’ve gone Paleo, this just simply isn’t an option. Fortunately, I’ve figured out some great natural cures that can ease your pains without breaking your new eating plan.

So next time you’re feeling hungover, try out some of these healthy natural cures:

  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate – Drink as much water as you can handle. Your body is feeling so bad because it’s dehydrated and full of toxins. Water can help flush all those  toxins out and return your body to its normal state. For even more effectiveness, try adding tomato juice, cayenne pepper and lime juice to your water. These will help replenish your electrolytes and speed up the hydration process.
  • Eat a cucumber and a banana – Cucumbers contain antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, Vitamin B and electrolytes, so they help decrease the alcohol’s effect on your body. They’re also full of water, which help you hydrate faster. Bananas help too, as they are full of potassium, which is one of the best ingredients for fighting a hangover. It can clean out your bloodstream and regulate your blood pressure.
  • Scramble some eggs – Eggs are packed with protein and cysteine, which help soak up the toxins leftover for the night before. Have one or two yolks, and stick to whites for the rest.
  • Try coconut water – Coconut water is extremely hydrating, and it’s full of hangover-fighting potassium. If plain water isn’t doing the trick (or you just can’t get it down in your nauseous state), this flavorful alternative may be the route to try.
  • Vitamix some fruit – Have a blender? Then grab a few of your favorite fruits and veggies and make a healthy smoothie. The fructose found in fruit will help improve your energy, and it will increase the rate at which your body can clean out the toxins. It will also replenish all those vitamins and minerals you lost while drinking.
  • Take a wasabi bath – It sounds crazy, but this actually works. Just run a warm bath, and pop a spoonful of wasabi in. Sit down, and soak for about 20 minutes. The wasabi helps your body detoxify and remove the leftover waste through your skin. Just make sure not to get any in your eyes!

Next time you find yourself hungover, regretting the night before, try out some of these natural cures. They’ve helped me in a pinch, and I hope they can help get you back on track, too!

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