Increase Your Fat-burning Abilities with Intermittent Fasting

Increase Your Fat-burning Abilities with Intermittent Fasting

divini rae fastingFasting in its traditional form isn’t healthy. It robs your body of the nutrients and minerals it needs, and it leads to muscle loss, low energy levels and lots of health problems. But recently, studies have shown a variation of this practice, called “intermittent fasting,” can actually improve your health and help you lose weight to boot.

Here’s how it works: you still consume the same number of calories per day, but instead of eating them spread across several meals and snacks, you consume them in a short 6-hour timeframe. If you wake up at 7 and go to bed at 11, your eating schedule would look something like this: fasting from 7 to 11, workout from 11 to noon, eating between noon and 6, and fasting from 6 until you go to bed.

Though it might be hard to get used to, eating this way is definitely possible. In fact, our ancestors ate like this for centuries, simply due to food scarcity! Plus, it also helps normalize ghrelin levels, which are hormones that regulate hunger. Basically, this means you’ll get hungry less!

Intermittent fasting can also:

  • Promote insulin sensitivity, which can help with fat loss and reduce your chances of chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease
  • Reduce inflammation and free radical damage
  • Decrease triglyceride levels, which means a healthier heart
  • Improve HGH production, which can slow aging and promote overall health
  • Boost fat burning and increase weight loss

But intermittent fasting is only effective if you eat the right food when the time comes. If your diet is full of processed foods and foods high in chemicals and additives, it won’t do the trick. You should be eating lots of good, healthy fats, plenty of proteins and tons of fruits and veggies. This will allow you to give your body the energy it needs, only in a shorter timeframe.

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