Join the Real Food Lifestyle: Step 1 – The Basics

Join the Real Food Lifestyle: Step 1 – The Basics

real food lifestyle divini raeDid you know that most of the “food” (about 80%) sold at your local grocery store isn’t actually food?

You’re probably wondering what the heck I’m talking about.

I believe that if it’s refined or processed (which means it’s engineered by scientists and manufactured) it isn’t FOOD at all but complete junk – no matter what its label says.

Dr. Mercola said it best:

“We’re not adapted to eating processed food and our bodies respond by getting diabetes, heart disease and cancer. We gain weight, get depressed, and have digestive problems. Our brains stop functioning properly. We have trouble concentrating and develop mental disorders. We experience nervous systems on the fritz. Why would you want to be a guinea pig in a vast food experiment that’s going bad? Return to your roots. Eat traditional foods. Eat real food. When at the grocery store, ask yourself if your great grandmother would have recognized what you’re putting in your cart as food.”



I have found great success with the Real Food Lifestyle (it definitely is NOT a DIET), and this is what I encourage my health and wellness clients to try. It’s been the largest part of my personal health journey, helping me lose – and keep off – over 70 lbs.

The Real Food Lifestyle (or RFL for short) offers a great way to fuel your body, give it the nutrients it needs, and have great tasting food all at the same time. The Real Food Lifestyle has a lot in common with the Paleolithic lifestyle. What is a Paleolithic lifestyle?

This is how Wikipedia describes it:

“A Paleolithic lifestyle (also known as paleo or primal lifestyle) refers to living as humans presumably did in the Paleolithic era (Old Stone Age), or attempting to recreate such a lifestyle in the present day. The rationale for such an approach is that humans have evolved for millions of years in a Paleolithic environment. Therefore, their body and mind can be expected to be adequately adapted to the concomitant hunter-gatherer lifestyle. Agriculture, on the other hand, only appeared about 10,000 years ago at the beginning of the Neolithic era, and industrial society only about 200 years ago. Proponents of a Paleolithic lifestyle assert that insufficient time has passed for humans to adapt to the changes brought by farming and industrialization, leading to a misfit between modern lifestyle and the human genome.

Try out the Real Food Lifestyle for just 30 days. If you feel better, stick with it. (And I promise you – you’ll feel better than you ever thought possible!)

Are you ready to feel happier and be healthier and more energetic than you’ve felt since you were a child? Maybe “life is short,” but it feels pretty long and miserable when you’re sick, obese, and ridden with pain and disease. Today is the day to start eating REAL FOOD and allow your body to get healthy and heal.

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