Keep Your Skin Looking Great this Winter

Keep Your Skin Looking Great this Winter

divini rae skinThe winter is a notoriously bad time for our skin because the cold weather and harsh winds dry it out.Here are some great ways to protect the skin on your face from the damaging winter weather and keep it healthy and looking fresh:

  • Always moisturize – Use lotion in the morning, evening, and even throughout the day. A good moisturizer will protect your skin from cracking and drying (which leads to wrinkles later on), and can keep your skin looking healthy and beautiful through the winter months. Choose an oil-based lotion as the oil creates a protective layer that holds the moisture in and keeps your skin more protected.


  • Don’t forget the sunscreen – Not matter what time of year it is you should always be wearing sunscreen on your face. Apply sunscreen every morning before leaving the house. If you wear makeup, use it as a sort of primer, and just apply your regular makeup on top.


  • Get a humidifier – In the winter we keep the heat on which means we’re constantly pumping warm, dry air throughout the home – air that can dry out our skin, hair and everything else. Be sure to use a humidifier in your bedroom while you sleep, as this will keep the air moist and help keep your skin from drying out. If you’re really prone to dry skin, consider putting a few humidifiers throughout the house. Quick tip: always sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase, as these fabrics help the skin retain moisture whereas cotton and other fabrics will pull the moisture from your face.


  • Drink a ton of water – Water isn’t just vital to your internal organs and systems, it’s also crucial to your largest external organ: your skin. If you’re not drinking enough water your skin will be dehydrated and dry. If you drink a lot of water your skin will look young, dewy and glowing. Which would you prefer?


  • Avoid peels – Though peels definitely have their time and place, try to limit them in the wintertime. They strip your skin of essential moisture and oil, and this can be a recipe for disaster when it’s cold out. Instead of a peel, opt for a cleansing milk or hydrating mask. These will feed your skin rather than take away from it.


  • Stop the hot baths & showers – When it’s cold out you might be tempted to take a long, hot shower or bath. But while it will warm you up it will also hurt your skin in the process. Heat breaks down the lipid barriers in your skin and allows moisture to escape. Taking hot showers will leave you with dry, flaky skin if you’re not careful.

Take care of your skin – and your overall health – this winter. Hydrate, fuel your body with real, whole foods, and be sure exercise regularly, even when the temps start dropping. Doing so will set you up for a healthy and successful 2015!

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