The Key to Great Health Begins with “D”

The Key to Great Health Begins with “D”

divini rae cholesterolCholesterol gets a bad rap. All you hear about cholesterol is how it clogs your arteries, leads to heart disease and can even cause heart attack and stroke. But in reality, cholesterol is actually necessary for your body to function.

You see, there are two kinds of cholesterol: 1) high-density lipoprotein, or HDL, and 2) low-density lipoprotein, or LDL. Now LDLs are the “bad” cholesterols. These get into your bloodstream, build up in your veins and arteries and form a plaque that can cause other circulatory issues.

But HDLs, those are the good cholesterols. They keep the bad LDLs away from your blood, they help remove plaque, and they also help your body produce hormones, cell membranes and bile acids to aid in digestion. In short, they’re pretty darn important to your health.

How to Improve Cholesterol Levels

A recent study found that Vitamin D and calcium can actually help normalize these cholesterol levels, improving the amount of good HDLs in the body, and fighting off the bad LDLs. In fact, after 2 years, study participants saw a 4.46 mg increase in their LDL levels and a whopping 38-percent jump in Vitamin D.

And the interesting part? Participants were only given a minimal amount of Vitamin D – a mere 400 IUs a day. An adequate amount of sun exposure can deliver up to 50 times that! So while supplementing with Vitamin D and calcium may be effective in controlling cholesterol levels, think of what plenty of natural sun exposure could do.

Here’s what Dr. Seneff, who led the study, had to say about the outcome: “There is a complete inverse relationship between sunlight and cardiovascular disease – the more sunlight, the less cardiovascular disease.”

Sunlight as a Solution

Getting an appropriate amount of sun exposure daily is crucial, not only to preventing heart disease, but to ensuring overall health as well. Another recent study even found that Vitamin D can prevent Alzheimer’s disease, as nearly 90 percent of all patients with this condition suffer from a Vitamin D deficiency.

If you, your kids or your loved ones aren’t getting enough Vitamin D, start making changes today. Commit to a one hour walk in the daylight each day, or start spending your lunch or dinner out on the patio. Every little bit of naturally acquired Vitamin D can help.

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