The Keys to Staying Motivated

The Keys to Staying Motivated

divini rae motivationBeing healthy is hard work – I know. It’s a habit that takes time to develop and it takes a great deal of determination to make healthy choices in a world full of unhealthy options. It definitely takes more effort to eat clean, you have to invest time into working out, and you must forgo things that have previously been big parts of your life (like alcohol & sugar – for example). It takes a lot of mental strength, and many people just can’t hack it. They give up after only a few weeks or months, simply because they haven’t lost all the weight or gotten as fit as they were hoping to.

But though it might be hard at times, nothing is more rewarding than being healthy! Feeling good about yourself, improving your health and confidence can have incredibly positive impacts on your life – and you only live once! Getting healthy will also jumpstart your energy, and bring back that passion for life you had when you were just a kid. Try to remember this next time you think of giving up or slowing down!

Here are some other motivational tips I find helpful when times get tough. Feel free to look back at these anytime you’re wavering on your health and fitness journey:

  • Create a new playlist – Music can be a great way to pump yourself up and get excited about the tasks at hand. If you’re ever feeling like skipping your daily workout, head to your computer and create a killer playlist instead. Load it up with your favorite, most energetic songs, and then head out and go for a quick jog!
  • Keep a Journal & Look ahead – Keep a health journal and write down everything you eat and what kinds of exercise you’re doing. When you start to feel down, like you aren’t doing enough, look back at your healthy choices and the progress you’ve made thus far, and project it into the future. If you keep it up, how many inches and pounds will you lose in one month? How about six months? How about a year? Get excited and keep moving forward!
  • Mix it up – If you’re having trouble sticking with your plan, try mixing it up a bit. Join a new class, try a new workout, or instead of running on a treadmill, take your kids out for some family fun and join them in running around at the park. Make it fun for yourself and it won’t seem like such a chore.
  • Reward yourself – Set goals for yourself, and when you reach them, give yourself a reward! Don’t make the reward something unhealthy (like a binge session at your local burger place), but make it something specifically for you – maybe a massage, a gift card to your favorite store or even a weekend mini-vacation!

If you ever find yourself wavering on your path to a healthier you, try your hand at some of these tricks. I promise they’ll help! Need more motivational tips and tricks for your health journey? Then check back in tomorrow. I’ve got another blog you’ll love!

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