How to Kick Sugar to the Curb

How to Kick Sugar to the Curb

divini rae kick sugarAre you finally ready to oust that awful, horrible substance known as sugar from your diet? Well good for you! It’s one of the worst things you can consume … offering virtually no nutrients or minerals, messing with your cognitive function and even causing diabetes, heart disease and cancer!

Unfortunately, saying “no” to sugar isn’t as simple as we’d all like it to be. If you’ve been a sugar addict for a while, cold turkey is going to be pretty darn difficult. (I’ve been there – I get it!) So to help you in your fight against the sugar monster, I’ve got some tips for you:

  • Read every food label – Unless you’ve made the food yourself, be sure to read the food label for every item you put in your body. Chances are, there’s some hidden sugar in there. Whether it’s a condiment, a sauce, or even just a salad dressing, sugars are used to sweeten just about everything we eat.
  • Learn about hidden sugars – Not every sugar will be listed as such on a nutrition label. It could be hidden as corn syrup, cane syrup, molasses, sucrose, sucralose, brown rice syrup, honey or maple syrup. Don’t be fooled; these are all still SUGARS!
  • Start slow – Cut down on your sugar intake weekly. At first, just cut out the sugar you add to your morning coffee. The next week, cut out those sugar-laden yogurts and cereals at breakfast. Then the next week, work on cutting out hidden sugars in your salad dressings, sauces, condiments and more. Eventually, you’ll get to where you don’t crave it at all!
  • Look for unsweetened versions – Many foods come in sweetened and unsweetened versions. This is true for items like almond and coconut milk, chocolate, applesauce, frozen fruit and tons of other foods. Be sure to always opt for the unsweetened version.
  • Replace the sugar – This doesn’t mean swap out sugar for those fake sugars (like Stevia and Sweet n Low). Nope! Instead of consuming sugar, focus on eating more proteins, fibers and healthy fats. These will help regulate your blood sugar, so you don’t get those tempting cravings once again.
  • Find new ways to sweeten your food – Instead of adding sugar, find healthier ways to sweeten your meals. Try adding fresh fruit, prunes or prune juice, cinnamon, vanilla extract or citrus juice, or you could even add a bit of cacao or cocoa powder.

It might seem impossible now, but in time, you CAN beat that sugar addiction! Start slow, be diligent and keep at it, and you’ll be there in no time. I promise!

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