Outdoor Workouts for Fall

Outdoor Workouts for Fall

divini rae outdoor workouts fallNow that the weather has turned cool you can finally exercise outdoors again.

Are you ready to take advantage of this fall weather, and start taking your workouts to the great outdoors again? Here are some outdoor workouts to help you do it:

  • Hop on the bike – Forget the stationary bike at the gym. Instead, hop on a real-life bike and take a tour of the neighborhood. If you have a mountain bike you can even head to the trails of a local campground or park and change up the scenery a bit. If your kids and spouse have bikes make it a family affair. Pack a picnic and find a great clearing to sit, eat, and enjoy the weather.

  • Go exploring – Grab a friend and go for a hike. Explore the nearest state park, or just go hiking in a hilly area near your house. It’s a great way to work out your lower body while having fun at the same time. If you’re a really outdoorsy person you can even pack a tent and go camping for a night while you’re at it.

  • Host a field day – Get your neighbors together and host a field day for the community. You can have three-legged races, jump rope contests, water balloon fights and tons of other fun, healthy activities. Make sure to have events for both the adults and the kids, so everyone can get a good workout in.

  • Take the dog for a run – Let your pets enjoy the great weather, too. Grab the leashes and go for a jog with your favorite furry friend. They’ll have a blast and taking them with you gives them much needed exercise as well.

  • Play a game of tennis – Dig out the rackets from the garage and hit the local tennis courts with a friend. Tennis is a great high-energy workout, and it helps you exercise your legs, arms, abs, and just about everything in between. If you’re not too experienced you don’t even have to keep score. Just go out there, volley it back and forth, and have some fun.

  • Join a boot camp class – Whip yourself into shape by joining a group boot camp class. Most take place in the early morning or right after work – when the weather’s just about perfect outside. If you’re hesitant about the class see if you can convince a friend to join up with you. They’ll help keep you motivated and hold you accountable.

  • Try rock climbing – Use the great weather as an opportunity to try something new. If you’ve never done it, why not try out rock climbing? It’s a great upper and lower body workout, and you won’t feel like you’re counting down the minutes, either. Just be sure to go with an instructor or experienced climber your first time.

There are tons of great activities you can do in this fall weather, so get out of that workout rut and start enjoying the great outdoors before it gets too damn cold.

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