Why Having a Pet will Help You Live Longer

Why Having a Pet will Help You Live Longer

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Whether it’s a dog, cat, a horse, or even just a goldfish, one thing is for certain: we love our pets. Pets also have excellent mental, physical and emotional health benefits.

If you’re like my friend Jason, who is thinking of getting a pet but hasn’t done so yet, here are a few reasons to go for it:

  • Improved mood – Pets decrease chances of anxiety and depression. Playing with them, walking them and just interacting with them in general can increase levels of serotonin and dopamine in the body, helping promote a better, more positive mood overall.
  • Decreased stress – Doing a stressful task actually gets easier when you have your pet by your side. In fact, studies have shown pets are even more effective than spouses, close friends and family members during stressful times. For this reason, many therapists recommend pets to their patients in order to help their recovery and healing.
  • Lowered blood pressure – It may be surprising, but pets can actually improve your blood pressure and lower your cholesterol levels – both huge factors in heart disease and stroke. According to a recent study, patients who suffer a heart attack have a much higher chance of long-term survival if they’re a pet owner.
  • Boost our immune systems – Contrary to popular belief, pets don’t increase your risk of allergies. In fact, they may even help strengthen our immune systems in the long run! Recent studies have shown that kids who grow up in homes with animals actually have a lowered risk of allergies and asthma than those who don’t.

Pets become family, almost like children, and will improve the quality of your life. After getting a pet you will be happier and less stressed! (I highly recommend Ragdoll cats and King Charles Cavalier Spaniel dogs.)

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