The Secret to Great Abs 

The Secret to Great Abs 

divini rae absYou can push yourself to the limits, doing hundreds and hundreds of crunches per day, and you know what? You probably won’t get the defined, six-pack abs you’re looking for.

I’m serious. And I know how frustrating this is because I’ve gone through this myself. It took me YEARS of nutrition education and trial and error to learn that the secret to great abs is found in the kitchen. If you’re not careful about what you do in the kitchen – what you eat, what you drink, and the types of food you keep in the house – then your chances for six-pack abs are slim-to-none.

I know it sounds crazy, but getting fit is truly 80 percent diet and a mere 20 percent exercise. That’s not to say exercise isn’t important, because it certainly is. But the food you put in your body? That’s infinitely more important for your fitness goals, for your health in general, and for achieving AB DEFINITION.

Here is why the secret to great abs are found in the kitchen:

  • The largest part of getting visible definition in your abs is through losing excess body fat – You can have the best abs in the world, but if there’s a fat layer covering them then you won’t be able to see them. It’s like that old saying: “if a tree falls in the forest, and no one is there to hear it, does it really happen?”  It’s like your abs don’t really exist until you lose that fat layer covering them and they’re visible again. 🙂 To do this, you have to work on losing body fat, and like I said, 80 percent of the work is accomplished right in your kitchen.

  • Your body needs the proper nutrition – Without the right vitamins, minerals and proteins, your body can’t build up your ab muscles or continue to feed them energy. It doesn’t matter how many sit-ups or crunches you do – if you’re not getting the proper levels of protein and nutrients you won’t see the changes you’re looking for. For best results your body needs some type of protein within 30 minutes of ending your workout.

  • You need a calorie deficit – I am definitely not advocating calorie-counting by any means, just remember to keep portion controin mind and you’ll start to see your abs improve dramatically. A calorie deficit does NOT mean starving yourself. Don’t get it twisted – you need to EAT. When you’re working out, lifting weights and doing crunches, your body needs more energy to get through the day. Don’t worry about consuming too many calories; as long as you’re choosing nutritious, clean foods, you’re well on your way to getting ab definition. Remember, if you don’t eat enough food your body will go into starvation mode and will start to store fat instead of shed fat.

  • You need to cut out the bad carbs – Simple carbs like white flour, refined sugar, and white potatoes are your enemy if you’re trying to gain muscle and lose fat. Stock your ‘fridge with only good carbs like vegetables, squash and sweet potato – these will greatly increase your ab building efforts!

  • You need lots of water – You should be hitting that Brita filter at least every hour or two. To get your abs in prime muscle-building condition, you need at least 64 ounces a day, on average. Specifically, you should be drinking about half your weight in water. Be especially sure to drink water before, during, and after your workout, too.

  • Good fats are crucial – You have to be careful to incorporate plenty of good fats in your diet if you’re trying to get ab definition. Without enough healthy fat from food your body will go into starvation mode and will start to store fat – and of course that’s not what you want at all. Remember, the best kinds of fats come from nuts, coconut oil, salmon and  avocados, so stock your pantry and fridge with these items weekly.

If you want great abs, stop killing yourself with crunches and start focusing on what food you’re putting into your body.

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