Stress: The Hidden Culprit Behind Weight Gain

Stress: The Hidden Culprit Behind Weight Gain

divini rae stressSure your food choices and activity level have a lot to do with your weight, but those aren’t the only factors that can affect it. In fact, stress, worry and anxiety are actually just as influential. It’s true: the more stressed out we are the easier it is to pack on the pounds, hold onto fat, and halt our weight loss.

Why does this happen? Well, it’s in our nature. We have a built-in “fight or flight” response, meaning when our bodies are coping with stress, fear or outside pressures, a biochemical process is triggered and our bodies go into survival mode. They start to store away energy (as fat), they slow down the metabolism and they start to excrete tons of chemicals and hormones that can lead to weight gain and even obesity.

Do you think stress may be inhibiting your weight loss? Want to fight it off? Try these tips to ease the tension:

  • Learn to recognize the red flags that stress and anxiety are looming. Muscle tension, irritability and becoming overly emotional can often indicate a stressful time is on the horizon.
  • Take steps to relax. Schedule a full-body massage, learn some meditation tricks, read a good book or take a relaxing yoga class.
  • Get to list-making. When you start to get overwhelmed, get out your notepad and write down your thoughts, worries, and to-dos. Then, make yourself an easy-to-follow schedule for tackling that list, and alleviate some of your stress in the process.
  • Look for healthy distractions. If you feel the stress taking over, distract yourself with positive, stress-relieving activities. Watch a movie, go for a run, walk the dog, or call up a friend for dinner.
  • Get regular exercise. Exercise doesn’t just help you lose weight and get fit, it also releases natural endorphins which can elevate mood and stave off stress.

If you’re having trouble losing weight, it may be stress that’s the culprit. Try some of these tips, and see if your body starts to change as a result. Be sure to comment, and let me know the outcome! Need more guidance on your journey to healthier you? Check back soon for more!

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