Sugar Will Give You Heart Disease & Cancer

Sugar Will Give You Heart Disease & Cancer

Recently, I talked about the dangers and hazards of sugar – how it can wreak havoc on your body and cause long-term mental and physical damage. Today, I want to go even deeper in to that aspect, and discuss how sugar can actually lead to serious conditions like heart disease and even some cancers.

The Growing Problem

divini rae sugar cancerDespite have extremely advanced medicine, treatment options and preventative exams at our fingertips, heart disease and cancer continue to grow at alarming rates in our society. Just this year, there will be a projected 1.6 million new cases of cancer and another 600,000 deaths due to heart disease.

The culprit? An extremely flawed diet – one that’s lacking nutrients and, you got it, full of sugar.

Most Americans eat diets full of refined sugars, processed foods and chemicals, additives and flavorings with no nutritious value. Even if you don’t think you’re consuming a lot of sugar, if you’re not making most of your food yourself, you probably are.

Here are just a few of the hidden places you’ll find sugar:

  • Grain-based foods – You might think those grain-based foods like bagels, breads and cereals are sugar-free, but think again. Once your body begins to break those foods down, they turn into sugar, putting you into sugar overload and hurting your overall health.
  • Processed foods – Most processed foods have hidden sugars in them, often disguised as “corn syrup” or “high fructose corn syrup.” These can even be found in so-called “healthy” items like yogurts, dressings and sauces.
  • Sodas, juices and sweet drinks –Recent research shows that women who drink soda and sweet drinks often are at a significantly higher risk for endometrial cancer. In fact those who had the highest level of soda and sugary drink intake saw a 78 percent jump in their chance of developing the condition.

The more you consume these items, the higher your sugar levels will be. Over time, these could lead to serious heart issues and virtually any type of cancer.

Preventing Heart Disease and Cancer

Unfortunately, it’s not just the average American who’s at risk. Even those who are aware they have high blood pressure or potential heart problems are told cholesterol is to blame. They’re encouraged to reduce fat in their diet, and ultimately, this causes them to consume loads of low-fat, high-sugar foods that only make matters worse.

The truth is, to really prevent heart disease, one needs to consume a diet that is actually high in fats – health fats, that is – and extremely low in sugars and non-vegetable carbs. In addition to helping stave off heart disease, a low-sugar diet also helps prevent cancer, especially breast and colon, according to recent studies.

Exercise is another great way to prevent cancer and heart disease due to sugar. It, in tandem with a balanced, nutritious diet, can help lower you blood glucose levels and decrease insulin in your body – both of which play can lower you chance of cancer and heart disease in the long run.

Make the Change Today

So there you have it, sugar can actually kill you.

Takecharge of your health, and cut out this deadly ingredient today. Reduce your intake of sweet drinks and sodas, cut out grain carbs and replace them with green, leafy vegetables, and watch for hidden syrups and sugars in the foods you buy. It might be hard, but when you’re cancer-free and still kicking in 90 years, you’ll be glad you did.


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