Top 5 Health Habits to Teach Young Children

Top 5 Health Habits to Teach Young Children

banner-divini-rae-1A healthy life starts during childhood. If a child is brought up thinking Happy Meals, videos games and Oreo cookies are a regular daily routine, then that’s going to carry on through their life. They’ll suffer from weight issues, diabetes, a slow metabolism and many other health conditions that can hurt their bodies and their futures.The truth is, if you want your kids to lead happy, healthy lives, you need to teach them good habits at an early age. That means leading by example: instilling in them a love of healthful, nutritious food, and encouraging routines that keep them active and free of harmful germs.

Not sure where to start? Here are the top five most important health habits to teach your little ones – starting today!

  1. Eat only when hungry – The biggest healthy habit you can instill in your children is to only eat when hungry. Eating because you’re bored, you’re sad, or just because it’s “snack time,” is a quick route to obesity. The same thing goes for when your child is finishing eating. Don’t force your kids to “clean  their plates.” Instead, encourage them to stop eating as soon as they feel full.
  2. Reach for water – Keep plenty of filtered water and water bottles in the house – and avoid having sugary drinks, sodas and juices in the fridge. When your child is thirsty, encourage them to reach for a cold glass of water. If they want something a little more interesting, make them  some fruit infused water by adding fresh berries or sliced fruit to it. Proper water consumption is crucial to overall health, and the earlier your child learns this the better!
  3. Veggies are delicious – Kids are notoriously picky about veggies, and this is typically because vegetables are the smallest portion on their plate, and they are not offered wide varieties of vegetables. Try making vegetables the largest portion of their meal, and have the carbohydrates and protein as the side dishes. Cut raw vegetables into fun shapes, cook it different ways, and make it fun and exciting for them to eat. This will show them that yes, veggies can be delicious, and they shouldn’t be feared, steered clear of, or thought of as “gross.”
  4. Get outside – Staying active is vital for your child’s development. Encourage plenty of activity time and limit their hours indoors, as well as their time spent watching TV, sitting at computers, and playing video games. Play with your kids outside as much as possible – go to the park, take a walk, or go for a bike ride. Encourage them and their friends to play active games like hide-and-go-seek and tag – things that will get their heart rate up and keep them in good, healthy shape.
  5. Wash your hands – Kids are particularly susceptible to sickness and infection, simply because their immune systems have not been built up yet. So help keep your little one safe by encouraging them to stay clean and wash their hands often. I don’t just mean after going to the bathroom either. Germs are everywhere – especially in areas where tons of little kids play.
Classrooms, playgrounds, parks – they’re all breeding grounds for harmful bacteria. Make sure you child knows to wash their hands often – and teach them how to wash them properly and thoroughly, too. Make sure your children grow up to live a happy, healthy life by instilling these five healthy habits in them –starting today!

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