Water Too Boring? How to Infuse it with Flavor!

Water Too Boring? How to Infuse it with Flavor!

DiviniRae.com - Blog -Water too BoringWhen you’re used to drinking sodas, sweet tea, sports drinks, fruit juices and other sweetened drinks, just sticking to water all the time can get pretty boring. It’s just so tasteless, right?


Instead of thinking of water as some boring, flavorless drink, consider it the base for all your beverages. Use water to build on. Infuse your water with your favorite fruits, veggies and herbs, and it can be something you love to drink all the time.

Want to up your water game? Here’s how to make infused water at home:

  • Grab a large pitcher or container and fill it up with clean, filtered water and maybe some ice.
  • Choose a combination of fresh produce and herbs. Some of my favorites are: cucumber and mint, lime, lemon and rosemary, blueberry and lavender, kiwi and strawberry, rosemary and grapefruit, raspberry and rose petal, lemon, basil and strawberry, and orange and cilantro. You can even go all Martha Stewart and throw a few cinnamon sticks with some apple slices in your water for a fall-inspired drink.
  • Put the pitcher in the refrigerator overnight. In order to properly infuse water you need to steep the produce and herbs in the liquid until the flavors fuse together and take over the entire drink. Leaving it in a cold fridge overnight does this.
  • In the morning, pour two large water bottles full of your infused water and sip all day long. It will keep you healthy, hydrated and refreshed – and it will taste great, too.

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